Why Choose Uncorked Tours?

Why Choose Uncorked Tours?

As a leading tour provider in the Temecula area, we at Uncorked Tours offer everything you need for the experience of a lifetime. Since 2004, we have strived to provide unforgettable moments for our customers, whether that be through our wine tours in Temecula, hot air balloon rides, charters, and much more. If you are searching for some fun activities that anyone can enjoy, look no further than working with Uncorked Tours today!

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Unique Activities

Our unique activities are what make us one of the best in Temecula. We offer a variety of fun tours including winery tours and balloon flights. We also offer an amazing charter service for any special day, which you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy. Some other activities include a stunning San Diego Harbor cruise and e-bike tours!

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Flexible Options

Whether you want to drop in and experience our activities or you want to host a special day for a private party, we have the flexible options you need! We can book any activity within an available date for multiple party sizes, with some activities being great for up to 24 people!

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Expert Tour Guides

At Uncorked Tours, we take pride in providing you with the best touring experience possible. Tours are done by our expert guides who understand the ins and outs of Temecula and the topic of choice. This is especially true with our wine tour experts who hold great knowledge and wine and everything involved.

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Safety is A Top Priority

No matter the type of tour or activity you take part in, safety is always a top priority at Uncorked Tours. We want all of our guests to feel confident in knowing that they are well taken care of, especially when it comes to activities such as our hot air balloon rides. Our team of experts will keep you informed and safe throughout the duration of your visit so that you can fully enjoy what we have to offer!

We at Uncorked Tours in Temecula hope to see you soon, as we are more than ready to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. With a wide range of activities to choose from, we are sure to have something for everyone. Visit us online or contact us today to book your appointment.